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J. Richard Stevens is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder . His research interests revolve around the formation of ethical thought and its application to the practice of journalism. He is particularly interested in how the professional and social norms of the media industry translate to the new media environment.

Stevens was born in Houston, Texas in June of 1974 to a high school trigonometry teacher and a hospital administrator. The family moved from the suburbs of Houston to Fairfield, a small rural town in East Texas, when Stevens was entering middle school. It was in high school that Stevens first fell in love with journalism, and he began to write news articles, edit stories and perform the pagination duties of the school newspaper.

During this period, Stevens began to seek out professional employment in what he considered his budding craft. He took a job as a weekend sports reporter and photographer for the Corsicana Daily Sun in Corsicana, Texas. Travelling around the region, Stevens covered basketball, football and six-man football games for the Daily Sun until his graduation from high school in 1992.

Stevens entered Abilene Christian University in 1992 as the first freshman sports editor for the Optimist, the campus newspaper. Serving in several page editor positions over the next two years, Stevens also worked on the staff of the Prickly Pear, the university's yearbook. During this period Stevens also began to cover sporting events for the Abilene Reporter-News, and even covered football games on a contract basis for the Dallas Morning News.

Tiring of the constant grind of his various deadlines, Stevens left behind his journalistic duties in 1994 to recruit incoming students for ACU. In 1995, Stevens himself was recruited to serve as the student voice on the Link Technology Committee, an administrative body formed to advise the university's provost and chief financial officer on technology policy decisions for the university. Stevens served in this capacity for the remainder of his college career.

Graduating with a B.S. in advertising in the Spring of 1996, Stevens chose to continue his education. He accepted a job managing the computer lab in ACU's College of Business and started a M.S. in Digital Media, which he completed in the spring of 1999.

Rather than returning to the industry of journalism, Stevens decided to become a university professor in order to teach others to use their gifts and resources to effect change in the world. Towards this end, Stevens applied and was accepted to the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin to begin work on his doctoral degree.

After graduating in the spring of 2004, Stevens accepted a position in the Division of Journalism at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, where he created that program's convergence program.

In 2008, Stevens moved to the School of Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder to add his knowledge and experiences to its strengths.


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