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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boulder Valley Church of Christ

We began our search with the familiar.

After months of searching different churches in Dallas, we had settled on Skillman Church of Christ. Through our connections there, we had learned about Boulder Valley Church of Christ and had located their information on their Web site.

Unfortunately, we caught them on an odd Sunday. Though their Web site did not appear to mention a different schedule, the church holds an annual sunrise service that began over an hour before we arrived. So we caught only the tail end of the service.

BVCoC appears to be a warm church that honors the convictions and traditions held by the CoC movement, though with far less formality than I had experienced in Dallas. The same friendliness we had come to expect was present, but with less of a "high church" atmosphere.

Which is nice. I suspect we will visit again.

I am reminded that we initially caught Skillman on an awkward Sunday during our search in Dallas and that it took a repeat trip to find our place there.

Who knows?


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