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Ha Ha, Your Medium Is Dying: Mocking Financial Magazine Videos
courtesy: Almar Latour, Managing Editor,

Vorarlberg Medienhaus - Austrian new media company, awards, hyperlocal, reverse-publishing. Introduced by Michael Smith, Executive Director, Media Management center, Northwestern University. - Staci Kramer, Co-Editor of ContentNext Media/ Debate Hall

Real-Time Web Monitor

Media Info Center

Net Usage Index: News

Papervision 3d - Making animated information graphics

Monticello Explorer - downloads

Think MTVChoose or Lose

MTV Cellular streams

NYT Candidate Schedules

Democratic Results Map

MSNBC: Battle of the Bags

MSNBC: BridgeTracker

MediaTrope - Sue Robinson's blog

comScore - stats and data on technology platforms - the blog of Alfred Hermida

Social Research in Social Network Sites - CoC, UT-Austin

PlaceBlogger - Blogging places


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