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1. Internet tutorials and free tools!
2. Online Media and Writing
3. Searching the Web
4. General Journalism Resources
5. Jobs in Journalism

Many of the links below were created by journalists for journalists, and have become valuable tools of the trade. Those interested in regular dialogue -- via electronic mail -- with other colleagues or students may consider subscribing to some of the e-mail lists on pages listed below. Remember to check out "Netiquette" hints before you start.

Internet Tutorials and Free tools

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

This great UT site will analyze your Web site, checking everything from coding to spelling errors, and also features a long list of great HTML links.

Internet Tools
Helpful list of tools and tutorials on HTML

Roger Black Web Sites that Work

Society for News Design

Team Web Learning to Publish
UT's own tutorials -- one of the best

Tools for Web Design
Long and useful list of tools and tutorials

Web Site Design for Journalists
Melinda McAdams' tips on design and copy editing

Why do People use something this Bad?
A Nielsen paper about the Web

The WWW Help Page
Answers to design questions and more

Free stuff for your site:

(Hint: to save a gif or jpeg, click on it and use "save this image as," to save it to your hard drive. Then use HTML to add it to your page, and FTP or Fetch to upload the images and the pages to your server).

UT Austin Images
Free images from UT Austin. Show friends and family the campus from your Web site!

Animation Factory
Lots of free gifs and animations. Most of the gifs on this site are from here.

Art Today
Fun gifs and jpegs for your site. Many free icons and links to other sites.

The Icon Browser
Free icons from a searchable database

Free download of some products

Download real audio or real video player FREE

Get free browsers, ftps (to upload your pages), and other neat stuff from Download.com or Shareware.

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Online Media and Writing

American Journalism Review's newspaper list

Editor & Publisher list of worldwide news

Journalism Net
By Julian Sher

Online Journalism Review

Online Press Organizations

End of Legacy Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Books, TV Networks) by Jakob Nielsen. Also by Nielsen:

Online Newcomers More Middle-Brow, Less Work-Oriented
Know your audience! A new survey on Internet users by the Pew Research Center. See other surveys at Nua Internet Surveys.

The Slot, an exceptional site by a Washington Post copy editor. Be sure to check out "sharp points" and "the curmudgeon's stylebook." Other common errors here: 50 Common Errors, by Associated Press Managing Editors, and Common errors in AP style and News Writing, a list of common errors and tips for in-class use.

Wired Style
Styleguide by Wired

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Searching the Web

Bill Dedman's Power Reporting Resources and Training for Journalists
New site offers lots of useful tips and search strategies.

CENSUS - Population Topics
Has worldwide population data as well.
SEC database

Federal Resources

Fed Stats
One-stop shopping for fed stats

Clearinghouse for federal agencies

Finding Data on the Internet

Useful for international and U.S. law

General Accounting Office
Searchable (!) database of reports and research by Congress' investigative agency.

LANIC's Reference page:
The focus is on Latin America but this page has a strong general reference section.

Lexis Nexis
An amazing resource that is normally very expensive but free at UT. Search for full-text articles, transcripts, biographies, etc. Also try the Dow Jones service in the PCL. (not accessible from home as of May 1999).

The Mining Company
A useful set of pages filled with links for various topics.

Think tank with lots of useful research and reports on government spending

U.S. Library of Congress
A tremendously useful, searchable site. Links to bills, schedules, committee hearings and testimony and reports.

UT Library Quick Reference
A long list of reference works.

Washington Post Search Page

More Search Engines and Tips:

(get rid of commercial sites by typing in: -domain:com + "journalism jobs" Then click on search!

Ask Jeeves


Go to

New!!! Offers some of the very best returns by far.

Internet Research News
Useful site with the latest news on searching the Web


Useful for certain kinds of searches.

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General Journalism Resources

Academic resources

The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University

Poynter Institute for Media Studies

Find long lists of professional associations at AEJMC, American Journalism Review, the Columbia Journalism Review, Society for Professional Journalists, among others.

Professional Sources

Columbia Journalism Review Resources

Internet Journalism Resources

Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE)

Needle in a Cyberstack

The Slot, an exceptional site by a Washington Post copy editor. Be sure to check out "sharp points" and "the curmudgeon's stylebook."

Statistics Every Writer Should Know
The math site is also extremely useful.

WWW Virtual Library -- Journalism


Barbara Fought's list of listservs for journalists
Many other journalism-related sites also have information on Listservs, but this is one of the best.

Everything E-mail (Mailing List Discussion Groups/Newsletters)

CLASSROOM 101series

Listservs and mailing lists: How reporters share ideas

A searchable e-mail list. Also try: Sparklist


List of email groups

What Is a Mailing List? (InterNIC 15-minute series)

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Jobs in Journalism

Newspaper Jobs
The very best site for job tips, online resumes, FAQs, and test-taking. Read the whole thing; it's that good. This site, by the Detroit Free Press recruiter, Joe Grimm, even gives you tips for the job interview and picking out your best clips. This site is a must for any journalist looking for a job, and it links to the best job sites out there, saving you the surfing time.

Journalism Careers
This site, by the Association of Managing Editors, is the one of the best sites for internship shopping. They've listed internships by deadlines and by state. A great site with tips for interns and graduates.

Communication Career Services
An exceptional resource for UT journalism students. Sign up for interviews with the top media people in the country, take advantage of CCS resources, advice and recruiting fairs while you're here!

• Other job sites:

Crashing the Market: A Journalist's Guide to Cover Letters and Resumes by Medill

Dow Jones
Jobs and internships

Reuters offers jobs and internships, even for graduates, which they call "graduate schemes," for those unfamiliar with the other English language

Jobs and internships

Washington Post: Mission Possible: Finding an Internship

J-Job Listings
By UCAL Berkeley

Editor & Publisher Home Page
Search the classifieds

AJR Newslink

National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank
Free registration

Best newspaper jobs from Arlene Morgan
From the people who brought you the Detroit Free Press' site

Media Online Yellow Pages

IRE Jobs Page

Show us the Money
An article about journalists' salaries. Also see RTNA Salary Survey Statistics

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