First Swim (June 19, 2010) gallery

We took advantage of an overcast day to take Peter Ambrose's first trip to the pool.


Rick's Birthday Dinner (June 17, 2010) Gallery

We spent a lovely evening at Chautaqua.



Three Month Portraits (June 12, 2010) Gallery

Peter Ambrose kicks off this third month of life with another set of portraits.



Astros @ Rockies gallery

We joined Jason, Deserai and Anderson Crow for a baseball game. The Houston Astros were in town, and we watched them square off against the Rockies (Houston won, 6-2, in the 10th when Carlos Lee hit a two-out grand slam).


Science Officer (May 26, 2010) gallery

Peter Ambrose Shows off another fun outfit.


Brooke's Graduation Party (May 23, 2010) gallery

Peter Ambrose spends time with his extended family.



Meeting Granny (May 21, 2010) gallery

Peter Ambrose meets his great-grandmother, Jacqueline Hawkins.


2-Month Portraits (May 12, 2010) Gallery

We can't believe he's already two months old!



2-Month Portrait Outtakes (May 12, 2010) gallery

Not all photos go according to plan ...



Mothers' Day (May 9, 2010) gallery

For Bethany's first Mothers' Day, we took Peter Ambrose to church for the first time. Afterwards, we ate lunch at Panera and returned for a relaxing day of rest.


Cinco de Mayo (May 5, 2010) gallery

We hit the town in downtown Boulder to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We ate great Mexican food at Juanita's and strolled around Pearl Street to give Peter Ambrose a taste of his home town.

Mother's Day Portraits (May 4, 2010) gallery

We took some time to shoot some portraits to commemorate Bethany's first Mother's Day.



Random Photos (May 1, 2010) gallery

Just some more photos gathered throughout the day.



Peter Ambrose Visits Daddy's Office (April 29, 2010) gallery

Bethany had an appointment on campus to get her fall schedule worked out, so Peter Ambrose came to work with daddy for a day. He met several colleagues, toured the grounds and slept on Daddy's office couch (in the exact spot that Austin normally sleeps). In several of the photos, Peter Ambrose is wrapped in the blanket that Sandra Fish, a colleague of his daddy's, wove for him by hand.


"Brothers" (April 13, 2010) GAllery

Austin and Peter Ambrose continue to warm up to each other. Austin is still wary of his little brother (and his randomnly roving hands), but has taken on a role of guardianship.


Why I Have Such a Hard Time Going to Work gallery(April 13, 2010)

Adjusting to our new home life has been difficult. New eating schedules, new sleeping schedules, and all the changes to the way we used to do things make balancing work and home much more difficult. But even more difficult is leaving behind my wife and child when they're being so cute ...


Peter Ambrose @ 1 Month (April 12, 2010) gallery

Peter Ambrose is one month old! We decided to chart his development visually. We bought a stuffed rabbit and plan to take his picture beside it each month so we can look back at how he grew and matured over the months and years.


Austin and Peter Ambrose (April 12, 2010) gallery

Here's what I imagine they say to each other.


Adam's Visit (April 10, 2010) gallery

Adam Brown dropped by to see us and check out the young lad.


Out and About (April 6, 2010) gallery

Peter Ambrose rides in his stroller for the first time as his mommy and daddy buy a large bunny, eat lunch at Larkburger and visit Barnes and Noble to look for a baby book.


The Last Hurrah with Buddy and Starr (April 3, 2010) gallery

All good things must come to an end, and Buddy and Starr paused one last time to bid farewell to Peter Ambrose before departing for Austin, TX.



Buddy's Portraits 2 (April 3, 2010) gallery

Buddy took a second round of candid portraits before he left. Here's a selection.


Austin and Peter Ambrose gallery (March 31, 2010)

Austin and Peter Ambrose share some couch time.


The Ergo Baby Carrier (March 29, 2010)gallery

Bethany tries out our new Ergo Baby carrier by carrying Peter Ambrose around all day like a joey.


Mother and Child (March gallery28, 2010)

Bethany and Peter Ambrose, just hanging out.



Buddy's Portraits (March 24, 2010) gallery

While Bethany's father, Buddy, was in town, we asked him to take a few photos of Peter Ambrose. These were our favorites.


Random Shots

Just a few random shots from around the house.



Hawkins Visit (March 23-25, 2010)

Bethany's parents dropped by to see their grandson (and provide some support for a few days).



The Crows Visit (March 21, 2010)

Jason and Deserai (and Anderson) dropped by to bring us dinner and get a peek at Peter Ambrose.


First Home Bath (March 19, 2010)

Peter Ambrose gets his first bath at home, complete with baby massage.



Morning Rays (March 19, 2010)

Just some photos of Austin and Peter Ambrose hanging out one morning. The sun was brilliant (particularly since it was reflecting off the new-fallen snow), and it created some interesting lighting effects in our living room.


"For Fun Portraits"

Just some "for fun portraits" I shot over the course of a day or two. (Note that I didn't pose him for any of these. I just watched him move around and tried to catch cute and funny moments).


Peter Ambrose In His New Home (March 14, 2010)

Peter Ambrose meets Austin and starts to expore his home.


Going Home (March 14, 2010)

The hospital was great, but sometimes a boy just has to go home. Getting dressed, loading up and riding home was an event to behold.




Random Photos (March 14, 2010)

Just a collection of uncategorized photos.


Peter Ambrose's First (Sponge) Bath (March 13, 2010)

Peter Ambrose still had some delivery gunk encrusted in his hair, so he needed a quick bath to restore his clean baby looks. He received a nice shampoo and even got his head massaged.


Great-Aunt Lisa's Visit (March 13, 2010)

Peter Ambrose gets his first official visitor when Great-Aunt Lisa drops by to deliver some Starbucks therapy for Daddy.


Peter Ambrose's Arrival (March 12, 2010)

The bg day finally came ... and then lasted a lot longer than anyone expected. But in the end, Peter Ambrose Stevens made his debut.


The Last Couple Anniversary (February 12, 2010)

Mommy and Daddy celebrated their last engagement anniversary (before our son's arrival) at Boulder Cork.


SJMC Shower (January 21, 2010)

Deserai and Jason Crow and Bethany and I were treated to an office baby shower by our friends and colleagues in the School of Journalism. Everyone took a load off and enjoyed the afternoon with lots of conversations, laughter and fun.


Denver Baby Celebration Brunch (January 17, 2010)

On January 17, Bethany and I joined several of our friends for a baby celebration lunch. In attendance were Deserai and Jason Crow (hosts), Chris and Megan Bell, Lisa Hawkins and Brad Gefke.


Second Ultrasound Photos (October 29, 2009)


We finally got a view of our son, and he turned out quite a performance. He twisted, waved, yawned and folded himself nearly in half.


First Ultrasound Photos (August 10, 2009)

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