Personal Mission

My mission in life is to seek truth and share this truth with others. I believe that in all things, truth is the most important goal and the means by which all other virtues may be weighed.

Towards that end, I plan to be honest in my intellectual pursuits, devoting myself to worthy projects of research that ultimately edify others, fear God and honor man. I plan to be honest in my teaching, trying never to mislead others in their pursuits of knowledge and understanding. I plan to be honest in my role as a servant to my society, accepting responsibility for active pursuits of social benefit. I plan to be honest in my associations, to hold others accountable to the truth as I would have them do for me.

As a scholar and citizen, I recognize that truth can be found through many sources. As a communicator, I recognize that different truths can and should be transferred to others through many different types of meaning. My mission is to dedicate myself to the honest dissemination of truth through whichever body of knowledge is appropriate to a particular group or environment, but to remain steadfast in my devotion that everything I disseminate is true in my own heart.

Current Goals

I am currently focused on gaining tenure at the University of Colorado at Boulder in order to gain knowledge of established communication theories as well as new theoretical ideas and to attain a solid academic grounding in journalism curriculum development, theory, and research practices.


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