Romantic Sun Sign Profile For Geminis

General Romantic Attitudes

The Gemini is the mutable air sign ruled by the planet Mercury and that describes much of a Gemini's lively and thought-oriented approach to love. Geminis treasure being mentally captivated, excited and dynamically active and the mates they choose tend to be first and foremost friends, and lovers second. Being able to share and discuss new thoughts, new ideals and everything they learn is an important quality they need in a relationship.

The Gemini is the talkative, communicative sign and Geminis are constantly sifting through information. As such, they often speak before they think and their words, usually not intended to hurt, can fall flat when they fail to carry through on an intention or promise. A lover often feels left behind and unimportant as the Gemini discovers a fascinating new subject or person to explore and words from the past can become empty and hurtful.

At their best, however, a Gemini lover is the most fascinating, joyful and enjoyable partner of the zodiac. When that is backed up by his or her own feelings of wholeness and completeness (often the very thing they are seeking from a partnership) they are dynamic and loyal mates.

The long term story

Geminis need friendship and companionship from a partner who will share in their mind explorations and journeys. They generally need not only someone who is secure or open enough to not feel threatened by their quickly changing interests or whole-hearted experiments, but also someone who can help them stay grounded in order to penetrate one of their intrigues in depth.

Because the Gemini is a dual sign, bearers of this sign often project part of themselves when they are attracted to a mate and the relationship becomes an external way for them to work towards their merging of their two very different sides. This polarity creates an intriguing and exciting spark in the beginning of the relationship but can burn out once the Gemini has reclaimed his or her other half or has grown bored and retreated back within himself or herself.

Positive Traits in Love

Joyful, Good natured, Broad minded, experimental, radiant, friendly, enthusiastic, flexibility, gentleness.

Negative traits

Unreliability, fickleness, duality, insincerity, self focus, restlessness, critical and temperamental. 

What a Gemini likes

Intellectual stimulation, Ideas and thoughts, New trends to investigate, Friends and socializing, Talking, Sharing ideals, Learning, Upbeat, lively mates.

What a Gemini Dislikes

Routines and ruts, Feeling ignored, Being confined, Apathy, Being the one to make all the decisions, Slowness, Being directed.

Gemini Love Keywords

Friendly, mind oriented, spontaneous, verbal, joyful, experimental, open minded, enthusiastic.


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