This is a site dedicated to showing off my new niece, Aubrey Ann Stevens. Now, for those who have never seen the site dedicated to Aubrey's brother, Bradley, you are in for a treat. These two kids are the most precious little children you will ever meet.

I imagine eventaully that these two sites will converge, but for now, I wanted each to have their own space, and I'll do my best to sort out the family pictures accordingly.

This set was from a May trip to Saginaw, TX.

A Little Jumpy

Aubrey loves to Jump.

Just bouncing away.
She seems to be enjoying her morning.
Just give her an open doorway and she's entertained for hours.
Bradley pushes his sister aside.
"Is it time to go in? Don't forget to feed me ..."

Taking It Easy

Just lounging ...

Now that's multitasking: Aubrey can eat and play at the same time.
"Kiss my feet, Daddy."
Bradley encroaches on his sister's space, causing some friction.
Daddy calms the kids down.
Aubrey's ready to get up.
Or not. Daddy's chest is SO comfy.
"Is it time to go swimming yet?"

Arriving At The Pool

Aubrey loves to go to the pool..

Aubrey's excited.
"Unca Rick, just wait until you see the hat I picked out."
Aubrey bats her beautiful eyes at the camera.
All decked out and ready for the pool.
Aubrey waves to her adoring public.
"Didn't I tell you it was a cute hat?"
Aubrey wants to get closer to the water.
Aubrey checks out the pool.
"Is this hat washable?"
"Hey, it says here 'Wash with like colors.' What else in my wardrobe is 'like' this hat?"

Back Inside

The rain ruined the swim time.

Aubrey takes a nap.
Aubrey and Kayla.
"Does anyone else hear that annoying ringing?"
"Uncle Rick, it's for you. Nanna has a computer problem ..."
"What in the world is that?"
Aubrey weathers some unwanted love (get used to it, kid).
"I just called the weatherman, and he said the sun's coming out!"
"If there's sun, that means we can swim again, right?"
"We can go swimming now? Did you hear that Kayla?"
"Did everyone forget about me?"
"Now THAT'S more like it."

This is only the beginning. I have many more photos, and will be updating from time to time. If you would like to submit photos, you can contact me via email.

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