This is a site dedicated to showing off my new niece, Aubrey Ann Stevens. Now, for those who have never seen the site dedicated to Aubrey's brother, Bradley, you are in for a treat. These two kids are the most precious little children you will ever meet.

I imagine eventaully that these two sites will converge, but for now, I wanted each to have their own space, and I'll do my best to sort out the family pictures accordingly.

This set was from a Bradley's third birthday party in Saginaw, TX.

Lots of Activity

Aubrey learned to crawl the day before I arrrived, and she was ALL OVER THE PLACE!

"Can't a girl eat her breakfast in peace?"
"Hey what's that? A Barrel? What's it say?"
"Barrel full of monkeys? But it's not full of anything! And these don't taste like monkeys ..."
Playing ball in the kitchen.
Bradley lends his sister a helping hand.
Just a couple of silly kids.
Aubrey thinks she has her own personal door to the outside world.
Banished to the bouncy chair.
"Unca Rick, you let me out of this chair or you're gonna get it!"
"Wow. My brother has a lot of toys ..."
"... for me to munch on!"
"Ok. I've played with everything. What's next?"
"... there's gotta be SOMETHING to play with around here."
Here she comes.
Aubrey takes things to the next level.
"Look it's a puzzle. Let's take a closer look."
"... it says here it was made in Taiwan. Do they even HAVE farmhouses in Taiwan?"
This looks like trouble in the making.

Lots of Activity

After a quick change (or three of them, to be precise), Aubrey was ready to entertain the guests.

A couple of sweethearts.
Now that's a lot of pink!
Nanna and Aubrey pal around.
Nanna tries to show Aubrey some pictures, and Aubrey shows Nanna the best use for them.
Aubrey shows how sweet she is by giving her brother a kiss ...
... and then narrowly avertes Uncle Rick's wrath when her attempt to eat Aquaman's foot fails.
And she eats many other objects, too.
What's that? A saliva-soaked bean bag?
"Ugh. Could use more salt."
She would have chewed on my shoes, if I'd let her.
"Unca Rick, can I chew on your camera?"
Aubrey sure is a cutie.
And she sure has that Stevens smile ...

This is only the beginning. I have many more photos, and will be updating from time to time. If you would like to submit photos, you can contact me via email.

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