This is a site dedicated to showing off my new nephew, Bradley Allen Stevens. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh, not another baby picture site!" Take it from me, Bradley's pretty unique. Or don't take it from me: see for yourself.

This page contains the pictures from Bradley's second Thanksgiving in Fairfield..

Sleepy Arrival

Bradely wakes up in a strange place ...

Well, say hello to Mr. Grumpy!
Mr. Grumpy gives way to Mr. Standoffish.
Looks like someone could have used a bit more sleep.
Bradley clings to his mommy.
But in all the confusion, a grin escapes.
Bradley gets possesive with his basketball.
Mommy tries to distract Mr. Grumpy with the infamous B-book.
Nanna saves the day with Bradley's first Christmas gift of the season.

Bradely at Play

Once he wakes up, Bradley wastes no time ...

Bradley loves his tennis balls.
Whoops! One got loose.
Bradely tries to put it back in the can. Perhaps he needs a lesson in gravity.
"Wait a minute! Who said you could pick up my ball!"
Bradely retrieves his property.
Bradely tries to keep his ball safe from Daddy.
Uncle Dave plays keep away with Bradley.
A Happy Kid.
Bradely also plays football.
Mommy tries to calm her energetic boy down.
Bradely checks out the stairs.

I have many more photos, and will be updating from time to time. If you would like to submit photos, you can contact me via email.

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