This is a site dedicated to showing off my new nephew, Bradley Allen Stevens. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh, not another baby picture site!" Take it from me, Bradley's pretty unique. Or don't take it from me: see for yourself.

This page contains the pictures from Bradley's second birthday party in Saginaw.

Playing in the pool

Bradley might be part fish ...

Bradley shows his Pa-Paw a thing or two.
Bradley tries out the slide.
A cute kid tries to decide what to do next.
Apparetly, Aunt Tammy has been coaching Bradley on his kissing.
"Now you wait until you're a few years older, young man."
Bradely takes a break.
Mr. Cool and Collected.
Bradley visits his Nanna.
Looks like it's time for another attempt at the slide.
And why stop there? Bradley tries out the diving board.

Getting some grub

Time for a birthday lunch and some cake.

Bradley's Mommy gets him some chips.
Bradley appears to be on an all-potato chip diet.
"Hey! Danny is really weird. And he steals my chips."
Bradley just being silly.
Bradley can't believe he's 2 years old. (Me either, kid).

Opening presents

The best part of the day?

As usual, Bradley has amassed quite a pile of loot.
Bradley check out his new Peanuts blanket.
"Mommy, I'm not even sure how to open this one."
Bradley diligently reads each card.
What a clown.

Back to playing

Why waste good daylight?

Bradley makes one final attempt at the slide.
Bradley loves bubbles.
Bradley has found himself a balloon.
"Boy, everyone seems to be ignoring me."
"Maybe I just need to act cuter."
Bradley gets back in the pool.
Bradley loves swimming with his Daddy.

I have many more photos, and will be updating from time to time. If you would like to submit photos, you can contact me via email.

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