This is a site dedicated to showing off my new nephew, Bradley Allen Stevens. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh, not another baby picture site!" Take it from me, Bradley's pretty unique. Or don't take it from me: see for yourself.

This page contains the pictures from Mother's Day in Fairfield, TX.

Just Having Around the House

Having a lazy morning.

Look, under the water! It's a shrimp! It's a fish! It's AQUA-MAN!"
Bradley delivers a staggering knee blow to Spider-man.
Bradley lets Aquaman in on the action.
"These are MY toys."
"Bet you can't guess where I hid them."
While Aubrey does her best to bite the head off a figure, Bradley gives his best Calvin and Hobbes impression.
"Can we go play outside?"

Bouncing Around

Jumping on the trampoline.

"Watch me! I can jump high .."
"Whoops! I fell down ..."
Bradley can't ever take his eyes off the dog.
"She's gonna get me ..."
"If I get too close, she'll bite my arm off."
"Want to see something funny?"
"Here's my belly!"

I have many more photos, and will be updating from time to time. If you would like to submit photos, you can contact me via email.

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