This is a site dedicated to showing off my new nephew, Bradley Allen Stevens. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh, not another picture site!" Take it from me, Bradley's pretty unique. Or don't take it from me: see for yourself.

This page contains the pictures from Bradley's fourth UT football game (taken 11/09/02).

Pre-game festivities

Running errands around campus.

The gang's all here ...
"Talk to the hand ..."
Bradley gets his hand painted.
Not too sure what he thinks about it ...
Getting his face painted.
Bradley still looks a little sleepy.
Now he's getting antsy!
A couple of Longhorn fans.
Uncle Chuck and Bradley start trash talking on the way to the stadium.

Texas vs. Baylor

Not a great game, but a great time.

Bradley shows he can Hook 'em!
Straining to Hook 'em! above the crowd.
Off for some snacks ...
Getting some relief from the sun.
Bradley explains why Chris Simms will never be a quality NFL player.
What a grin.
Bradley laughs at one of his own jokes.

Post-game wrap-up

The game is over, but life goes on ...

Eatin' a tortilla ...
The masked bandit makes an appearance.
Bradley challenges Uncle Dave to a duel.
"Wanna wrestle?"
Bradley puts Uncle Dave in his place ...

I have many more photos, and will be updating from time to time. If you would like to submit photos, you can contact me via email.

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