This is a site dedicated to showing off my nephew, Bradley Allen Stevens. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh, not another baby picture site!" Take it from me, Bradley's pretty unique. Or don't take it from me: see for yourself. To keep this site manageable, I'll break it into sections.Anyway, without further delay, here's my nephew (in all his hilarious glory) :-)
Here's the first set of pictures. (posted on 11/02/99). Here's the second set (from Austin, posted on 12/13/99). Here's the third series (from Fairfield at Thanksgiving, posted on 12/20/99). Here's the fourth series (From Fort Worth right before Christmas, posted 2/15/00). Here's the fifth series (From Fort Worth right after Christmas, posted 2/15/00). Here's the sixth series (From Fairfield in February, posted 2/28/00). Here's the seventh series (the lost files!) (Fort Worth, Dec. 99, posted 3/10/00). Here's the eighth series (From Denton in May, posted 9/10/00).
Here's the ninth series (Bradley's First Birthday!) (From Saginaw in July, posted 9/23/00). Here's the tenth series (From Austin, posted 10/05/00). Here's the eleventh series (Thanksgiving at Fairfield, posted 12/15/00). Here's the twelfth series (Xmas at Fairfield, posted 1/22/01). Here's the thirteenth series (ACU Sing Song at Abilene, posted 8/1/01). Here's the fourteenth series (Bradley's first baseball game at Arlington, posted 8/4/01). Here's the fifteenth series (Bradley's second birthday party at Saginaw, posted 8/7/01). Here's the sixteenth series (Bradley's trip to the beach in Bolivar Pass, posted 9/26/01).
Here's the seventeenth series (Bradley's 3rd UT footall game in Austin, posted 11/25/01). Here's the eighteenth series (Bradley at his sister's birth in Ft. Worth, posted 11/26/01). Here's the nineteenth series (Bradley's 3rd Thansgiving in Fairfield, TX, posted 11/30/01). Here's the 20th series (Bradley's third Christmas in Fairfield, TX, posted 06/28/02). Here's the 21st series (a January trip to Saginaw, TX, posted 06/28/02). Here's the 22nd series (ACU Sing Song in Abilene, TX, posted 06/28/02). Here's the 23rd series (Mother's Day in Fairfield, TX, posted 06/28/02). Here's the 24th series (a May trip to Saginaw, TX, posted 06/28/02).
Here's the 25th series (Bradley's 3rd birthday party in Saginaw, posted 07/15/02). Here's the 26th series (Bradley's trip to the coast in Bolivar, posted 09/4/02). Here's the 27th series (ACU Homecoming 2002 in Abilene, posted 07/4/03). Here's the 28th series (Aubrey's first birthday in Saginaw, posted 07/4/03). Here's the 29th series (Bradley's 4th UT football game in Austin, posted 07/4/03). Here's the 30th series (Bradley's 4th Thanksgiving, posted 07/4/03). Here's the 31st series (A December trip to Saginaw, posted 07/16/03). Here's the 32nd series (Bradley's fourth Christmas in Fairfield, posted 07/16/03).
Here's the 33rd series (From the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, posted 07/16/03). Here's the 34th series (One of Bradley's soccer games in Saginaw, posted 07/16/03). Here's the 35th series (Bradley's 4th Birthday in Saginaw, posted 10/20/03). Here's the 36th series (A pool party in Carrollton, posted 10/20/03). Here's the 37th series (A beach trip to Bolivar, posted 10/20/03). Here's the 38th series (A trip to Austin, TX, posted 11/6/03).

Here are the pics from Alyssa's 1st birthday party (Carrollton, posted 7/12).

Here's the submissions page - pictures from others . (updated on 2/14/00).

This is only the beginning. I have many more photos, and will be updating from time to time. If you would like to submit photos, you can contact me via email.

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