Professional Work

This page hosts examples of my professional and academic work.

(NOTE: for a comprehensive list, check out my Curriculum Vita.)

Advisory Boards/Groups

Web Projects

For my most recent scholarly activity, check out my vita.

Media Interviews

A selection of my recent press clippings.

  • "The Visionary: In Appreciation of Steve Jobs" Boulder Daily Camera (October 7, 2011)
  • "Giving Consumers What They Want–And Then Some" Fox News University (June 21, 2010)
  • "Millennials: Generation Misunderstood" UTNE Reader (Aug. 8, 2009)
  • "The Fate of Journalism: Excursions Into the Short Future of Print Publications," The Occidental Weekly (Feb. 8, 2009)
  • "The Future of Journalism in a Post-Rocky Age," Face the State (Feb. 8, 2009)
  • "Newspaper Industry Facing Huge Challenges," The Glenwood Springs Post Independent (Jan. 5, 2009).
  • "'Tweeting' to the finish line: Social media playing bigger role in Bolder Boulder." Boulder Daily Camera (MAy 25, 2010)

Proposals and Presentations

Privacy and Technology, a powerpoint presentation on America's social construction of privacy and the impact of technology on it. (or download the offline powerpoint version).

Academic Papers

Currently, I have only converted a few of my papers for online display (most from graduate school):

Science Fiction: a Framework to Discuss Genetic Human Rights?, a proposal to use science fiction works as genetic human rights discourse.

Allende, Pinochet and the Chilean Press, an analysis of the various form of press control in Chile's troubled political history,

Banning Orders in South Africa During Apartheid, 1950-1990, a review and discussion of a rather unique system of press censorship.

Portals: Customer Service or Unethical Behavior?, a review of the ethical tensions faced by online news portals

PROPOSAL: A Historical investigation into the Social Status of the Neomexicano Culture in New Mexico, 1834-1850, a research proposal for socio-historic research.

Like Father, Like Son?, a content comparison of the verbal speeches delivered by George Herbert Walker Bush (1992) and George Walker Bush (2000).

Faceless Institutions in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, an essay on the collective othering of institutions under literary scrutiny.