The further Western society gets temporally from the Enlightenment, the less frequently we address the cultural issues of our day in the contexts of those political theories that undergird our civilization. The turn of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries each found our addressing a dramatically increase of the influence of technology in the marketplace, and each era witnessed a redoubled tension between political or economic self-interest and the everyday dignity of individual social justice.

A modern example of this tension can be found in the health sciences. Biology today, like the physics of a few decades ago, is experiencing a fundamental revolution. The two most significant achievements of that last century were the splitting of the atom and the unraveling of the double helix of DNA. Molecular biologists now have their hands on the blueprints of life itself, with goals to understand how it is constructed.



The Human Genome Project

Some Deeper Questions

Science Fiction as Social Science Discourse

Proposal and Preliminary Reading List

Annotated Bibliography: Research Readings

Annotated Bibliography: Preliminary Reading List

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